Get Ready for Fall. Coordinate Your Look.


Welcome to the TIE UP AND SOCKS blog. 2017 has proved to be a great year for fashion. Men are showcasing their personalities through their selections of colorful ties and socks. This can be seen on many hit shows like Million Dollar Listing NY as one of many examples.

TIE UP AND SOCKS specializes in providing you with colorful, stylish, fashionable, ties, bow ties, & socks. However, we know that sometimes it is a challenge trying to find the right tie to go with the right socks, to make that perfect statement. We are here to help!

With Fall right around the corner, wool ties are a must have for the cooler months. By adding a solid color skinny wool tie to your outfit, you have the opportunity to showcase a bolder pattern sock that incorporates the color from your tie.  A total fashion hit!  Here is an example of a pairing we love:

Check out the links to the set:

If Fall cotton ties are your thing, here is another great pairing using a check pattern tie and matching it with a collection of pattern socks that contain one color from the tie:

We love providing you with the latest interchangeable options, where all the pieces work perfectly into your outfit rotation.  On the main page of TIE UP AND SOCKS we have a section where we provide suggested matches. Why not add a combination to your wardrobe today?  Visit us at


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